Step-Son to Craig, Joseph worked along side of him for several years.  The business was always an option for Joseph to join full-time.  Joe continued to work full-time outside of Dependable Pest Control.  In 2014 Craig decided with some help with his family that it was time to retire.  Joseph has taken over what Robert & Craig Braskich have created and built for over 49 years.

Mr. Craig Braskich

The history of Dependable Pest Control.....

Mr. Robert Braskich

Dependable Pest Control family owned and operated since 1966

Mr. Joseph S. Malburg

Craig knew when he graduated from High School in 1975 he wanted to follow in his Father's foot steps.  Craig has been running Dependable Pest Control for the last 41 years and in March decided to retire.

In 1966 Robert Braskich started Dependable Pest Control located in the City of Parma Heights, OH.  He worked long hours and every day to make sure his dream was completed. In 1966 Robert established a contract with a local City that we still provide service today. 

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